The Adolf Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG company belongs for many years to the leading and largest product companies for object facility in Germany. To more than 18.000 square meters footprint and production area we produce with, steadily hold on a modern niveau, machines about 100 years on 2 locations. Besides that we rule about a great seperate stock. Beside projects in Nortgermany we also realize projects all over Germany.

Strong Performance.

Besides our large scale production facilities we are provided with the most modern technical machinery and fixtures, to execute large orders in perfect quality: a full automatic platehandling, 2 completely cutting lines such as 4 machining centres of the nesting up to the simultaneously 5-axis-CNC. Furthermore we have 2 edge-machining line, a own Veneer processing department, an own paint shop and 2 surface-fitting departments. In the area of the Solid-Surface and the mineral processing we have one of the Europe´s biggest hot-air oven. At full untilization we can produce over 3.600 hotelrooms in one year.

Highest Innovation

Because of us beeing a family business with a huge tradition the highly focus is on the innovation. Over 100 years of company history only than come together, when in each generation pioneering decisions will be taken. In the last years we made a lot of those decisions.

Not least the step, to invest in a new production location, was a important principle decision. Now we could work with the modernst facilities and machinery on innovative solutions for your project. Beyond this we launched with the technical possibilities at the new production a completely new services devision: the independent furniture design. Young, emerging Furnituredesigner design under our Label KONTORUM® quality and exclusive furniture for private and business customers.
This furniture is produced in our house A. Kuhlmann®.

Great Tradition

About 100 years A. Kuhlmann® in Schwerin: our company look back on a very great and partially really moved past. On the one hand with great pride about what has been achieved and the fact, that we hardly know someone, who is only approximately similiar length on market. Otherways the great tradition is a degree diameter for all our descisions, that we made in a view to the future developments. A great tradtion alone is not a promise for top quality and no pointer for the competence of our work. But the tradition shows, how we think and work in our company: customer-focused, solution-oriented and always with much love to the detail.